Topology-Driven Force-Directed Algorithms

Didimo, Walter and Liotta, Giuseppe and Romeo, Salvatore (2011) Topology-Driven Force-Directed Algorithms. In: Graph Drawing 18th International Symposium, GD 2010, September 21-24, 2010, Konstanz, Germany, , pp. 165-176 (Official URL:

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This paper studies the problem of designing graph drawing algorithms that guarantee good trade-offs in terms of number of edge crossings, crossing angle resolution, and geodesic edge tendency. It describes two heuristics designed within the topology-driven force-directed framework that combines two classical graph drawing approaches: the force-directed approach and a planarization-based approach (e.g., the topology-shape-metrics approach). An extensive experimental analysis on two different test suites of graphs shows the effectiveness of the proposed solutions for the optimization of some readability metrics.

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