Lexical Navigation: Using Incremental Graph Drawing for Query Refinement

Tunkelang, Daniel and Byrd, Roy J. and Cooper, James W. (1998) Lexical Navigation: Using Incremental Graph Drawing for Query Refinement. In: Graph Drawing 5th International Symposium, GD '97, September 18-20, 1997, Rome, Italy , pp. 316-321 (Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/3-540-63938-1_75).

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Query refinement is a powerful tool for a document search and retrieval system. Lexical navigation-that is, the exploration of a network thet expresses relations among all possible query terms-provides a natural mechanism for query refinement. An essential part of lexical navigation is the visualization of this network. This manipulating a non-hierarchical graph. In this paper, we present the graph-drawing system we have developed for lexical navigation.

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