Force-Directed 3D Arc Diagrams

Bannister, Michael J. and Goodrich, Michael T. and Sampson, Peter (2014) Force-Directed 3D Arc Diagrams. In: Graph Drawing 22nd International Symposium, GD 2014, September 24-26, 2014, Würzburg, Germany , pp. 521-522 .

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We discuss a force-directed algorithm for constructiong 3D arc diagrams. We introduce forces that allow curves in a 2D force directed graph to bow out and away from each other in the third dimension in order to achieve better angular resolution

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Classifications:G Algorithms and Complexity > G.999 Others
M Methods > M.400 Force-directed / Energy-based
P Styles > P.120 Circular
P Styles > P.060 3D
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