Encoding Presentation Emphasis Algorithms for Graphs

Noik, Emanuel G. (1995) Encoding Presentation Emphasis Algorithms for Graphs. In: Graph Drawing DIMACS International Workshop, GD 1994, October 10–12, 1994, Princeton, New Jersey, USA , pp. 428-435 (Official URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/3-540-58950-3_396).

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While graphs can effectively visualize one or more relations on a set of elements, drawings of large graphs can be difficult to understand. As such, many presentation emphasis techniques for visualizing graphs such as fisheye views have been proposed. A recent survey paper described an abstract space of techniques and identified common shortcomings. Here we outline a highlevel language that addresses several of these limitations; the language is used to: 1) select subsets of graph elements; 2) compute a real-valued priority for each element; and, 3) encode presentation strategies that automatically emphasize elements based on subset memebership and priority.

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