Partitioning Approach to Visualization of Large Graphs

Batagelj, Vladimir and Mrvar, Andrej and Zaversnik, Matjaz (1999) Partitioning Approach to Visualization of Large Graphs. In: Graph Drawing 7th International Symposium, GD’99, September 15-19, 1999, Štirín Castle, Czech Republic , pp. 90-97 (Official URL:

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The structure of large graphs can be revealed by partitioning graphs to smaller parts, which are easier to handle. In the paper we propose the use of core decomposition as an efficient approach for partitioning large graphs. On the selected subgraphs, computationally more intensive, clustering and blockmodeling can be used to analyze their internal structure. The approach is illustrated by an analysis of Snyder & Kick's world trade graph.

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