Graph Clustering Using Distance-k Cliques

Edachery, Jubin and Sen, Arunabha and Brandenburg, Franz J. (1999) Graph Clustering Using Distance-k Cliques. In: Graph Drawing 7th International Symposium, GD’99, September 15-19, 1999, Štirín Castle, Czech Republic , pp. 98-106 (Official URL:

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Identifying the natural clusters of nodes in a graph and treating them as supernodes or metanodes for a higher level graph (or an abstract graph) is a technique used for the reduction of visual complexity of graphs with a large number of nodes. In this paper we report on the implementation of a clustering algorithm based on the idea of distance-k cliques, a generalization of the idea of the cliques in graphs. The performance of the clustering algorithm on some large graphs obtained from the archives of Bell Laboratories is presented.

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