KGB: A Customizable Graph Browser

Benz, Hartmut (1996) KGB: A Customizable Graph Browser. In: Symposium on Graph Drawing, GD 1995, September 20-22, 1995, Passau, Germany , pp. 20-23 (Official URL:

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This paper presents the architecture of a generic, customizable graph browser KGB. The KGB has been designed to handle very large and dynamically changing graphs which are frequently used as repository management graphs in large applications. Special emphasis has been put on the flexible presentation of the information encoded in the graph and the reduction of the user's workload when adapting the presentation to his or her special needs. The KGB was built as a debugging and visualization tool for document hierarchies of the CASE tool KOGGE currently under development at the "Institute for Software Engineering", University of Koblenz [3]. To automatically structure very large graphs and specifically select the subset of visible graph elements, the KGB implements three methods of abstraction. To achieve flexibility in the presentation, seperate visualization techniques can be applied to the attributes of each vertex and edge. A View into a graph is defined by a set of applicable abstractions, presentation description and user interaction descriptions (e.g. the mapping from user generated input events to graph browser operations). A View is described as a simple rule based language. To handle dynamically changing graphs the View Description is interpreted by the KGB (rather than compiled into it).

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