Intersection-Free Morphing of Planar Graphs

Erten, Cesim and Kobourov, Stephen G. and Pitta, Chandan (2004) Intersection-Free Morphing of Planar Graphs. In: Graph Drawing 11th International Symposium, GD 2003, September 21-24, 2003, Perugia, Italy , pp. 320-331 (Official URL:

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Given two different drawings of a planar graph we consider the problem of morphing one drawing into the other. We designed and implemented an algorithm for intersection-free morphing of planar graphs. Our algorithm uses a combination of different techniques to achieve smooth transformations: rigid morphing, compatible triangulations, as well as morphing based on interpolation of the convex representations of the graphs. Our algorithm can morph between drawings with straight-line segments, bends, and curves. Our system is implemented in Java and available as an applet at

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