Straight-Line Drawings of 2-Outerplanar Graphs on Two Curves (Extended Abstract)

Di Giacomo, Emilio and Didimo, Walter (2004) Straight-Line Drawings of 2-Outerplanar Graphs on Two Curves (Extended Abstract). In: Graph Drawing 11th International Symposium, GD 2003, September 21-24, 2003, Perugia, Italy , pp. 419-424 (Official URL:

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We study how to draw a 2-outerplane graph on two concentric circles, so that the internal (resp. external) vertices lie on the internal (resp. external) circle.

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Additional Information:10.1007/978-3-540-24595-7_39
Classifications:P Styles > P.720 Straight-line
G Algorithms and Complexity > G.560 Geometry
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