An Experimental Comparison of Force-Directed and Randomized Graph Drawing Algorithms

Brandenburg, Franz J. and Himsolt, Michael and Rohrer, Christoph (1996) An Experimental Comparison of Force-Directed and Randomized Graph Drawing Algorithms. In: Symposium on Graph Drawing, GD 1995, September 20-22, 1995, Passau, Germany , pp. 76-87 (Official URL:

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We report on our experiments with five graph drawing algorithms for general undirected graphs. These are the algorithms FR introduced by Fruchterman and Reingold [5], KK by Kamada and Kawai [11], Tu by Tunkelang [13] and GEM by Frick, Ludwig and Mehldau [6]. Implementations of these algorithms have been intergrated into our GraphEd systems [9]. We have tested these algorithms on a wide collection of examples and with different settings of parameters. Our examples are from original papers and by our own. The obtained drawings are evaluated both empirically and by GraphEd's evaluation toolkit. As a conclusion we can confirm the reported good behaviour of the algorithms. Combining time and quality we recommend to use GEM or KK first, then FR and Tu and finally DH.

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