The Metro Map Layout Problem

Hong, Seok-Hee and Merrick, Damian and Do Nascimento, Hugo A. D. (2004) The Metro Map Layout Problem. In: Graph Drawing 12th International Symposium, GD 2004, September 29-October 2, 2004, New York, NY, USA , pp. 482-491 (Official URL:

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We initiate a new problem of automatic metro map layout. In general, a metro map consists of a set of lines which have intersections or overlaps. We define a set of aesthetic criteria for good metro map layouts and present a method to produce such layouts automatically. Our method uses a variation of the spring algorithm with a suitable preprocessing step. The experimental results with real world data sets show that our method produces good metro map layouts quickly. A preliminary version of this paper was published in [5]. For a version of this paper with full-size colour images, see [6].

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