Applications of Parameterized st-Orientations in Graph Drawing Algorithms

Papamanthou, Charalampos and Tollis, Ioannis G. (2006) Applications of Parameterized st-Orientations in Graph Drawing Algorithms. In: Graph Drawing 13th International Symposium, GD 2005, September 12-14, 2005, Limerick, Ireland , pp. 355-367 (Official URL:

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Many graph drawing algorithms use st-numberings (st-orientations or bipolar orientations) as a first step. An st-numbering of a biconnected undirected graph defines a directed graph with no cycles, one single source s and one single sink t. As there exist exponentially many st-numberings that correspond to a certain undirected graph G, using different st-numberings in various graph drawing algorithms can result in aesthetically different drawings with different area bounds. In this paper, we present results concerning new algorithms for parameterized st-orientations, their impact on graph drawing algorithms and especially in visibility representations.

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