An Investigation of Algorithms to Aesthetically Draw Cayley Graphs

Abbot, Alastair A. and Dinneen, Dr. Michael J. (2008) An Investigation of Algorithms to Aesthetically Draw Cayley Graphs. [Departmental Technical Report] (Unpublished)

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Graph visualisation is an important field in Computer Science. The visualisation of groups in the form of Cayley graphs has applications in the layout of interconnected networks and mathematics. By using theoretical results from group theory, we present two algorithms that take as input a Cayley graph $(G,S)$ and draws it in a layout that highlights the symmetry of the group and is easily readable.

Item Type:Departmental Technical Report
Keywords:graph symmetry visualization, Cayley Graphs, nested drawing, radial drawing,
Classifications:Z Theory > Z.500 Representations
M Methods > M.400 Force-directed / Energy-based
M Methods > M.100 Algebraic
D Aesthetics > D.001 General
G Algorithms and Complexity > G.910 Symmetries
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