Minimum Level Nonplanar Patterns for Trees

Fowler, J. Joseph and Kobourov, Stephen G. (2008) Minimum Level Nonplanar Patterns for Trees. In: Graph Drawing 15th International Symposium, GD 2007, September 24-26, 2007, Sydney, Australia , pp. 69-75 (Official URL:

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Minimum lvel nonplanar (MLNP) patterns play the role for level planar graphs that the forbidden Kuratowksi subdivisions $K_5$ and $K_3,3$ play for planar graphs. We add two MLNP patterns for trees to the previous set of tree patterns given by Healy $et al.$ [4]. Neither of these patterns match any of the previous patterns. We show that this new set of patterns completely characterizes level planar trees.

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