Bipartite Embeddings of Trees in the Plane

Abellanas, Manuel and Garcìa, J. and Hernández, Gregorio and Noy, M. and Ramos, Pedro (1997) Bipartite Embeddings of Trees in the Plane. In: Symposium on Graph Drawing, GD '96, September 18-20, 1996, Berkeley, California, USA , pp. 1-10 (Official URL:

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Given a tree T on n vertices and a set P of n points in the plane in general position, it is known that T can be straight line embedded in P without crossings. Now imagine the set P is partitioned into two disjoint subsets R and B, and we ask for an embedding of T in P without crossings and with the property that all edges join a point in R (red) and a point in B (blue). In this case we say that T admits a bipartite embedding with respect to the bipartition (R,B). Examples show that the problem in its full generality is not solvable. In view of this fact we consider several embedding problems and study for which bipartitions they can be solved. We present several results that are valid for any bipartition (R,B) in general position, and some other results that hold for particular configurations of points.

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